As the end of term is approaching, please search your book shelves, under beds and down the backs of sofas for missing library books…our shelves are looking a little sparse. Most books these days cost approximately £5.99, if we have 200 books missing at the end of the year, the library has lost nearly £1000 of stock.  We don’t have the funds to replace this quantity, so please have a really good look for our errant books.
From 1st July, the bus will be open after school for returns only.  We will be sending reminders home for any outstanding books.


The zoo trip is only one more sleep away. We will be leaving school at 9am. Please make sure you are on time or we will have to leave without you.

Each child needs to bring a lunch which they must carry themselves in a rucksack. If you child has a lunch provided by the school then they must also bring a backpack. The school only provides paper bags and these will break on the journey.

The weather is looking good tomorrow and that means that the children will need plenty of water. The children must also bring a hat and some sun cream. 

No one is to bring money as we will not be visiting any shop.

This week

This week and flown by and I can’t believe we only have a few weeks left together. This week has been lots of fun as we have been writing up our instructions to grow a seed. We then applied what we had learnt and wrote instructions for a made up cleaning machine.

In Maths we looked at 2D and 3D shapes. We learnt about lines of symmetry, vertical and horizontal lines and drawing lines accurately in cm and mm. We also learnt the language of vertices, faces and edges to talk about the properties of shape.

We had a wonderful day yesterday in our mixed up groups for MaAPP day. The children came back with great stories and discussions about what they had found out and tried.

Next week we will be learning about bodies. We will be thinking about what our body needs. What do you think your body needs to survive? Leave a comment below with your ideas.
We will be going to the zoo on Friday. The children need to be in school for 9am, as we have to leave straight away to catch our train. We are not sure what the weather looks like so please check on the day. The children need to make sure that they bring a backpack to carry their lunch. Only children that receive free school dinners will have a lunch provided for them.
The Spelling for the week are:
Have a wonderful weekend.


A reminder that everyone is invited to come into school on Friday dressed into school wearing the sports kit of their choice and donate a coin towards some new sports kit for our girls and boys sports team, and new PE equipment.

We are dressing to celebrate the exciting women’s sporting events taking place this summer; and our footballers success in the Soutwark and Lambeth League.

On Saturday Rosendale are competing in the final of the Magazine Cup – a match Rosendale haven’t won since 1984.  They will be playing at the Rosendale playing field at 10am.  Do go along and give them your support – Mr Reynolds is looking for a parent / carer who might be available to take photographs of the team.

Thank you for your support.   

Zoo trip

The parents who have been pulled out of the hat are Serena’s, Alamine’s, Lynden’s, Ezra’s and Macie’s. If you would still like to join us, please do let us know by Friday and we can order you an additional ticket for £14

Cake sale

A reminder that year 3 are holding a cake sale tomorrow after school in aid of our zoo trip (on 28th June)

If you have any donations, please leave them in the office and if you are able to help, we will be setting up in the hut at 3.15

Many thanks


Would you like to see you art work on the big screen at the cinema? Then design the BBFC Black Card that will be shown in front of the film MALEFICENT 2 at all cinemas in the UK to be in with a chance! 
Requirements: Your entry needs to be A4 size, with a space in the middle for the film title. Entries need to be handed into the office by Friday 5th July.
Here is the previous winner to help you get started. Good luck!

This week

This week has flown by. 

In Maths this week we have been learning that a quarter turn is the same as a right angle, therefore a half turn is the same as two right angles and a three-quarter turn is the same as three right angles.  We also learned to recognise angles in various 2d shapes as well as knowing that an acute angle is smaller than a right angle and an obtuse angle is larger than a right angle.  

In English we have been exploring the book ‘The Flower’.  This is a story about a man named Brigg, who lives in a dull and lifeless city.  Eventually he comes across some books in a library that say ‘DO NOT TOUCH’.  Of course Brigg takes one of the books and smuggles it out of the library.  He finds a packet of seeds in the book and plants the seeds, finding that these seeds make a beautiful flower.  Devastatingly, the flower gets sucked up by a cleaning system in Brigg’s house.  Before reading the story,  we made predictions as to what we thought might happen in the story and then gave our opinions on whether we liked the story or not, backing up our opinions with reasons.  In addition, we analysed the characters from the story and used our imaginations to write thought bubbles for each character.

Next week’s spellings are:








Have a joyous weekend.