This week

This week in Year 3 we have had a very busy week.

In Maths we learned about the 24 hour clock and how to work out how long an activity lasts.  We learned that how to convert the 24 hour clock to am and pm time for example 18.45 means 6.45 pm, although we did find this quite tricky!  Our topic on time is now completed and we are moving on to shapes and angles after half term.
In English we spent the week writing a Roman leaflet with all sorts of facts about Roman life and how the Romans used to live.  We focused on using conjunctions to expand our sentences as well as thinking of a variety of sentence starters and pronouns to make the writing more interesting.  We will write these up in neat after half term and then begin our new topic on plants.
Spellings for the week after half term are:
Have a lovely half term and rest well.

Many thanks


Looking for something to do tomorrow and over the holiday? Play on sumdog on the time challenge and have another go practicing telling the time and calculating duration. If you answer enough questions correctly you will earn 250 coins!


A reminder that 3LD will be visiting the Museum of London on Friday as part of our topic on the Romans. Children will need to be in their school uniform for the trip, along with a packed lunch and drink (lunch will be provides for pupils entitled to free school meals).

Thanks to Alamine, Ezra, Lilah and Sam’s parents who are supporting us on the day – we couldn’t do it without you!

This week

We’ve had a wonderful week in Year 3 writing newspaper reports based on the volcanic explosion that destroyed the great Roman city of Pompeii. The children have done brilliant jobs reporting on the events with some very catchy headlines, excellent descriptions and emotive quotes from eye witnesses at the scene. Its wonderful to see how their writing skills have improved this term and they have done an excellent job writing in this challenging genre. Next week, we will round off our Roman topic by writing factual leaflets.

In Maths, we have continued our block on time. We have learnt how to tell the time to the nearest minute to and past the hour on an analog clock. We have begun looking at word problems, reading information from data like timetables and schedules to find the answer, and also sequenced am and pm times. Next week, we will begin learning about the 24 hour clock and reading time from digital clocks, and calculate the duration of events.
Our spellings next week are:
Please do remember to return trip letters for the Botanical Gardens and Brockwell Greenhouses, both of which are £3 and will take place after the half term break.
Also, a reminder that next Thursday school will be closed due to the EU elections taking place on site.
Have fantastic weekends!

Images and parental consent

Next week a photographer is coming into school to take photographs for the school’s new website, we are still missing completed image consent forms for several children.  If you haven’t already please can you complete and return the forms for asap.  You need to complete the form even if you do not consent to photographs of your child being taken.  You can download a copy of the consent form hereor please pick up a form from the school office. Thank you.