British Science Week is nearly upon us (11 – 15 March) and this year the theme will be ‘journeys’.  Miss Nakibinge, Head of Science at Rosendale, will be encouraging the children to think about the different
scientific journeys that happen every day and how they can discover science
through their own lives and experiences.
  Dr Adam Baker (a scientist, and Rosendale parent) has kindly agreed to lend a helping hand during the week.  We would be so grateful if there were any other parent/carer scientists who would like to get in involved. If you can help please email Miss Nakibinge 

Weekly round up

We’ve had a busy week in the lead up to half term.

In maths, the children have been learning about length and measure. We know how to convert cm into m and cm and how to use a ruler to measure lines in cm and mm. We’ve also done some problem solving, working out the value of symbols by code breaking through division. It was hard, but we picked it up really well. We will continue this block after the break.

In English this week, we have done a science topic looking at light, dark and shadows. We’ve learnt about dull and shiny objects, transparent, translucent and opaque objects, how to make and change shadows and thought about reflection to keep safe in the falling light.

The children have begun a sequence of lessons on SRE, learning about their bodies and how to keep safe naming the private parts of their body and places that can’t be touched by others. We will continue this block in the next half term.

We have completed our art block on clay sculptures and painted them this week. The children worked hard and have lots to be proud of – they look great! We have continued building our skills on the ukulele and had fun in PE. 

Spellings for after the break are:

Group 1 

Group 2

Enjoy the half term break!

Be safe…

3LD have been thinking about how to keep safe in the dark and be seen in fading light. They designed posters to help cyclists, dog walkers and nocturnal animals.