French Pop Video Competition

Can you sing or rap in French? Do you have video skills? Enter the French Video Pop Competition and have a chance of winning one of the 2019 Francophonie UK School Music Awards!

This competition, organised by the Institut français du Royaume-Uni, offers students and their schools the chance to compete in three different age-group categories across primary and secondary. Entries must be submitted by 05 April 2019.

Please explore the French Video Pop Competition flyer for further information.


Parent / Carer Workshop – Metacognition / ReflectED 
All parents and carers are invited to attend a parent workshop is on Tuesday 5 February from 8am – 9am.  The workshop will cover:

·   What is metacognition?
·   Why it is important to teach it? 
·   How we teach metacognition at Rosendale
·   What parents can do to promote metacognition at home.

Miss Paton, our Rosendale Research School Lead and Miss Gallagher, Head of Year 5, will lead the session.

Parents and carers are very welcome to use the school’s breakfast club if they need childcare.


Thank you to those who have already confirmed their attendance, please email if you plan to come along.  

Weekly round up

We’ve had a fab week in year 3 writing zoomer guidebooks about our own imaginative animals. Our animals were half wild or zoo animals and half farm animals. The children have enjoyed the creative writing module and used the topic to embed their understanding of expanded noun phrases, as well as organising writing around headings and sub headings. Next week we will begin a new topic on poetry. 

In maths we have completed our block on money and have looked at different methods to find change and subtract amounts. We learnt how to do column subtraction and make jumps to the next 10 and next pound on an empty number line. Next week we will begin a new block on statistics, looking at interpreting data in pictograms and bar charts as well as creating them. 

We have been learning hockey in P.E., had practising on the ukuleles, designed animals to make in clay for Art and about e safety in ICT. 

Have brilliant weekends. 


3LD enjoyed good to be green time this afternoon which rewards making individual green choices. They are working towards their next goal of 50 whole class green choices too!

PE 22.01.19

This afternoon we practised passing and receiving in small sided hockey games. An unfortunate injury reminded us just how careful we need to be with our sticks.

Weekly round up

Have you ever heard of a pink fairy armadillo? This is a real animal that not many people know about it. Check out the video below.

In English we have been continuing to learn about the Zoomers and we have started to look at non fiction texts that inform us about animals. Next week we will be producing a class book about our own imaginary animals.
In maths we learnt about money. We taught the children how to add money and compare amounts of money. Next week we will look at giving change.

The spellings next week are:

Group 1






Group 2