The week ahead…

Christmas Lunch

Next Wednesday we will be having a traditional Christmas lunch. Children are invited to come into school wearing their Christmas jumper or novelty hat.  If they want to make a donation in return for dressing up all money raised will be given to Crisis, the national charity that raises money for single homeless people. 

Maths Learning Together Time 

On Thursday all parents and carers are invited to come into school for a maths ‘Learning Together Time’ .  Classrooms will open at 9am, in the classroom will be maths activities for the children to work on.  The session will finish at 9.25am

Rounding up

This week in Year 3 has been chocka-block with learning. 

In Maths we have been learning all about our 8 times tables.  Counting in 8s, learning the 8 timestable in and out of order and investigating word problems relating to the 8 timestable, deciding if we need to multiply or divide.  An example of this is; ‘If Fred invited 8 friends swimming and they each pay £7, how much will they pay altogether? ‘  We know we will have to multiply 8 x 7 to find the answer as the word altogether means the number will be getting bigger.  An example of when we need to divide is; ‘There are 64 pupils and they need to make 8 teams, how many pupils will be in each team?’  With this question we know we will need to divide 64 by 8 as the numbers will be getting smaller.  Please have a go at practising your 3, 4 and 8 times table on the following website;
In English this week we have read more of our story The Black Dog.  We have been introduced to some other characters, Mr Hope’s family; Mrs Hope, Adeline Hope, Maurice Hope and the youngest Small.  We found out that Small has snuck out of the house to investigate the black dog lurking outside their house.  Our focus this week has been on writing speech for each character and ensuring we are using the correct punctuation for speech.  For example; “My goodness, hide under the table there’s a dog the size of a tiger outside!” gasped Mr Hope in horror.  Next week we are writing our own version of the story.
Next week’s spellings are related to our story:
Have a lovely weekend!

PE 28.11.18

We practised hockey skills, remembering to only use the flat side of the stick and to try and keep the ball close to the end of the stick.

This week

In Maths this week we have been learning all about our 4 timestables.  We have learned our number sentences for multiplication and division (e.g. 4 x 3 = 12, 3 x 4 = 12, 12 ÷ 3 = 4.) We also learned that our 4 timestables just means adding 1 group of 4 each time.  We learned how to divide by 4, remembering that division always starts with the total amount and then splitting equal groups to find the number of groups. We also answered word problems relating to the 4 timestable.  Next week our focus will be the 8 timestable.  If you want to practice your timestables at home have a go on the following website:

In English this week we have started a new book called ‘The Black Dog.’  We found out that Mr Hope, the main character, has seen a black dog outside his window and appears to be quite frightened by this dog, strangely.  We talked about other animals we might be quite scared of and why we might be scared of them.  We also made asked and wrote lots of questions to Mr Hope like, ‘How did you feel when you saw it in the window?’ and ‘Would you fight it off?’  Later on in the week, we invented our own conversation between Mr Hope and a police officer.  We wrote our conversations in speech bubbles and next week we will convert them in to written speech using inverted commas.  We will also find out more about why there is a black dog outside the Hope’s house and what happens next.
Spellings for next week are for everyone:
Please do logon to Sumdog this weekend as there is a Lambeth wide competition for all Year 3 children.
Have an enjoyable weekend.

Weekly round up

This week has been a fun one in Year 3.  We have been working hard on creating some engaging and eye-catching information leaflets about The Stone Age.  The children have put so much effort in to them and they reflect brilliantly how much they have learned during their history topic.  In English next week we will begin a new topic on story writing. 

Our focus in maths has been the 3 timestables this week.  We have learned that multiplication and division requires equal groups and have practised answering word problems using our 3 timestables knowledge.  Next week in maths we will be practising all our number facts around the 4 timestable.

Our spellings next week are:

Group 1
  • petrified
  • nervous
  • scared
  • worried
  • frightened
  • terrified
Group 2
  • black
  • should
  • worried
  • fearful
  • afraid
  • scared
Have a lovely weekend!