PE 30.10.18

This afternoon we started our hockey journey, learning how to be safe with the stick and controlling the ball by dribbling.



Today we reviewed exchanging 100s to 10s to subtract in a pair up review

Rounding up a half term

What a fun week we’ve had in Year 3! We have been learning about the wonderful actions of Rosa Parks. Did you know that she was arrested for sitting on a bus and refusing to move for a white man. The children have spent the week learning about her life and writing a biography. I heard on the grapevine that Rosa Parks will be on Doctor Who on Sunday so maybe check it out.
In maths, we have worked on column subtraction. We have been learning and practicing robbing the tens to carry over the the ones when we needed to. For example in the number sentence 321 – 8, we knew we couldn’t subtract 8 from 1, we we had to rob the tens to make 11. 
maths (1).jpg
We will continue to explore subtraction and carrying next week.
Spellings for next week are:
Stone Age
Remember you can practise all the spellings at home if you would like to.
Have a wonderful half term and rest up.

PE 16.10.18

After practising some locomotion skills we played a game which tested our throwing dodging and teamworking skills.

Acting out

Today we did some drama after finding out about the outrageous way black and white people were segregated. We found out about Rosa Parks and how she challenged the status quo on the bus.