Weekly round up

This week in 3 we have done lots of new learning.

In English we have been writing letters as Gregory from ‘Gregory Cool’ about our entire trip to Tobago, telling our mum and dad about the interesting food we ate there as well as how at first we did not like our new cousin, Lennox but then eventually how we became friends. We also tried to be really descriptive in our writing about Tobago.

Next week we will be starting a science topic learning about rocks. If you happen to have any interesting rocks at home that you would be able to bring in for the class then please do!

In Maths we have completed our topic on place value, using our knowledge of place value to work out where they would go on an empty number line, and rearranging digits to make different 3 digit numbers from them. Next week, we will begin a new block on addition. We will start by working on mental maths skills to add 1, 10 or 100s to numbers using mental methods to help build our speed.

Next week our spellings are

Group 1

• decide

• describe

• early

• earth

• eight

• eighth

Group 2

• most

• both

• children

• climb

• only

• old

Please remember, next Wednesday is individual photos and Thursday is a staff training day and school will be closed to children.

PE 25.09.18


This afternoon we started on our journey to walk, jog or run the equivalent of a marathon (42195m) over the course of the school year. Just 5 laps of our 237m running track each week will get us there by next July, or before, using the Marathon Kids Run Free system.
As a famous philosopher from China said “The longest journey begins with a single step”.


Rounding up

This week in year 3 we have had a jam packed learning week.

In English we have been writing a diary entry as ‘Gregory’ from our book ‘Gregory Cool.’  Gregory visits his Grandma and Grandpa in Tobago and has a tricky time getting used to all the differences in this new country.  However, he soon makes friends and ends up really enjoying himself.

In Maths we have continued our topic on place value; practising counting in jumps of 50 as well as finding 10 and 100 more or less of a number.  In Maths next week we will be continuing with place value.

Our other learning has included learning a Caribbean song that you might hear in Tobago and creating landscapes out of paper of a view of Tobago.

In ICT we continued  to use our Maths programme,  Sumdog.  The children have went home with their username and password last week so they are able to use this website at home too.

Next weeks spellings are:

Group 1







Group 2







Have a lovely weekend

Weekly round up

It’s a been a busy first full week back getting into our routines and fitting around a timetable!

In English, we’ve started a core text Gregory Cool, following the story of a little boy who goes to stay with his grandparents in Tobago. We’ve used this to begin learning about letter writing and this week we’ve focused on informal post card writing. We’ve also looked at improving simple sentences to make our writing more descriptive and interesting. In addition, we have looked into conjugating verbs in the past tense. We will continue this work next week and develop our letter writing skills further.

In maths we have been working on place value, understanding that where a digit is tells us what it is worth. For example, we understand that 231 is made from two hundreds, three tens and one one.  We now see why it isn’t really important to get the digits in the correct order. We have also been learning how to spell numbers to write three digit numbers in words as well as numerals. We will continue our place value work next week.

As well as this, we have drawn portraits, looked at the spelling of high frequency words, worked on sign language in ReflectEd and practised some songs in French. As if all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also helped to make history in Herne Hill, participating in the world’s largest colour by number mural painting!

Today a letter was sent home about an art project we are starting with the Tate over the course of year 3. Please sign and return these on Monday.

Thank you to those of you who were able to attend the curriculum evening last night. If you would like to take on the role of class contact, please let the office team know – many thanks.

Have fantastic weekends and see you next week!


We are very excited about being part of a World Record Attempt today for the largest colour by numbers mural! For this, we kindly ask that your child is wearing comfortable footwear and has a rain coat in case of bad weather. With lots of other schools and members of the public participating, we might get chilly waiting in the line for our turn!

Our group is taking their turn in the afternoon and we are hoping that the event will be running to the schedule they have provided us. In the eventuality we are late back to school, a text message will be sent out by the office.

Music Event

Dear parents and carers

A fantastic event is taking place next weekend in Brockwell Park. Organised by a Rosendale parent, It will feature current and former Rosendale children performing (aged 5-17) as well as children from other local schools. It’s free to come along and it should be a great event.